Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's been longer than I realized since I have been on here. I haven't been doing a lot of stitching lately, although I have been working on my bird RR this afternoon. I have been working on some crocheting this past week instead of cross-stitching. I have been making potholders, of all things. I also started an afghan with the scraps left over from the potholders.

We have had a lot of snow here lately, and everyone is ready for Spring. I know I sure am. I am ready for flowers and green grass and trees with leaves on them.

Not mush else has been going on here lately other than going to work every day. We had a holiday Monday so I had a three-day weekend last week which was very nice. Got a lot done, just not any sewing. The week before was an emotional one, as a family friend passed away on the 8th and I had a funeral to attend down home. He was also my nephew's father, and was only 46-he had health problems, I understand. He and my sister have not been together for a very long time and she has since married. My nephew has just turned 15, and this has been very difficult for him but he is doing ok.

I am going to go now and get on with my cross-stiching.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Clara,
I'm sorry about your family friend passing.

I have gotten into a stitching slump and have no desire for much stitching these days but had completed several projects in the last couple of months. Sometimes my scrapbook feels like a wasted effort. I am tossing it around in my head though about a big project.